KIDS EXPLODE / SOLEMN LEAGUE: Kids Come Across, Solemn and Lost: Split 7”

Sep 23, 2009

Kids Explode: reminds me of the post-punk stuff coming out in the mid- to late-’80s, but I’m not quite sure why. Kids Explode vaguely reminds me of bands like Brave New World and mid- to late-’80s Dischord acts like Egghunt. The sound is a bit of the dance machine along with a fetally conjoined twin of muted yet desperate rock’n’roll. There’s a real new wavish feel on the second song. Even a hint of math rock. All in all, good stuff—it’s a mix of a number of different sounds but the songs do not sound forced, so everything works well together. Solemn League: very much in the same vein, only a bit more traditionally rocking. If not for a different vocalist, I wouldn’t have known that this was a different band. Solumn League has a bigger, more melodic sound bordering on an emo sound, but I dare not splash them with such labels. The groups chosen for this record work so well together that they can be mistaken for the same act. Yet there is something distinctive about each. Can this record be described as emo math rock with a club mix sensibility? Or is it an angry reflexive property put to music?

 –Eric Carlson (Asymmetrie, [email protected])