KIDNAPPERS, THE: Ransom Notes & Telephone Calls: LP

Dec 30, 2008

One thing i can say for certain: Whatever algorithm it is that the Razorcake reviewable-assigner robot operates off of when it assigns records to individual reviewers, said algorithm functions with steely precision and unerring consistency, as this is the third different permutation of this 2003 German punk & roll garage pop album that has been sent to this magazine for review over the years – the original LP on Alien Snatch, the CD version which followed in its wake, and this olive greener and whiter reissue—and all three have been assigned to yours truly. So, i mean, it’s good that The System is operating so smoothly here; what’s not so good is that i don’t really fucking feel like reviewing this record a third time. “A Bit Of Your Love” is a definite classic, what with the pumping jackhammer keyboards and the what-not, but i’d stop short of calling the album a classic overall, probably a B or B+ in the grand scheme of things. If you haven’t picked up this album over the course of the last half-decade, i am quite unsure what i could say here that would somehow impel you to open your wallet today, other than that the label on the A-side is very nicely done. BEST SONG: “A Bit Of Your Love” BEST SONG TITLE: “Hey! Hey! Hey!”, which is what i hope i said in 2003. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Someone took the arrow out of the “n” in the logo, and i am deeply hurt by this.

 –norb (FDH)