KIDDA BAND: “Fighting My Way Back” b/w “Saturday Night Fever”: 7”

I’ve already spilt copious quarts of seed in these pages expressing my admiration for the late ‘70s/early ‘80s UK punk-pop-power-pop of the Incredible Kidda Band; everyone in the world should obtain the “Too Much Too Little Too Late” double album, feast upon the band’s Starjets/Records/Pop Mullet ethos, and that’s that. Since i’ve heard all these songs a jillion times over, the various Kidda Band 45s being pumped out today are more like cool fan trinkets than actual Passports Into Awesome for me; this reissue of the band’s second 45 ((originally released in 1979 on Carrere Records)) comes in an authentic plain white sleeve in authentic black vinyl with an authentic pink label with “KIDDA BAND” and “Fighting My Way Back To You” and most of the other stuff written horizontally in black letters, and “CARRERE RECORDS” written in larger white letters up the side. I’m not exactly sure why i need it, but it does look nice sitting around the hotel pool with me, so i’m glad to have it on board. More snickerdoodles, dear? BEST SONG: “Fighting My Way Back” BEST SONG TITLE: Uh… i’ll say “Saturday Night Fever,” since that’s my favorite Devil Dogs album. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The A-side has a big “A” on it, but the B-side doesn’t have a big “B” on it. Weird.

 –norb (Last Laugh)