Kid Dynamite: Four Years in One Gulp: DVD

Apr 05, 2006

Yeah, people were deservedly fuckin’ stoked about Kid Dynamite. The band had history: prehistory with Lifetime; post history with Paint It Black, None More Black, and Good Riddance. I personally think Kid Dynamite ruled and were an important bridge between straight-ahead, first generation hardcore and melody-infused modern punk. This is a well-made documentary of a short-lived, great band, that, like that one space shuttle, blew up when it was really taking off. Where the movie excels is in its balance. It’s doesn’t grandstand and put the band on an impossible pedestal nor is it apologetic and mopey. The movie also strikes a balance due to its diversity. It’s part oral history (by the band themselves, long-time fans, and label owners), part well-recorded live performances (from all over the U.S.), part comedy routines (their roadies, who should star in their own public access show), and part reminiscence/therapy session for previously unresolved issues between the band members concerning the abrupt finish to a promising band. Ultimately, all of the members of Kid Dynamite come off looking and acting like real, passionate, and flawed human beings who had a knack for making great music together. In a twist at the end, the band—more popular than ever, it seems—plays a string of sold-out reunion shows to help a long-time friend start his foundation for battling cancer. This movie is the perfect presentation and preservation of a band that should be remembered and regarded as one of the brightest spots in late ‘90s/ early ‘00s punk. Highly recommended. –Todd (Jade Tree, 2310 Kennwynn Rd., Willmington, DE, 19810)