KICKZ, THE: “One Day” b/w “Don’t Ask Why”: 7"

Apr 02, 2009

I saw these seventeen-year-olds in Austin and something didn’t sit quite right with me. I have a lot of quirks when it comes to see a band play live, and if there’s not a good reason for a band member to not have shoes on (like a broken foot), no matter what comes out of the speakers, I think to myself, “Hippie, put some shoes on” unless I’m thoroughly convinced otherwise (as I was with Dan Yemin of Kid Dynamite). Without the visual hurdles, I’m digging the single. Gone is the wanking and noodling of kids learning to play their instruments better but not knowing when to stop. (Steve Diggle rules. Stevie Vai sucks.) “One Day” is full of youthful enthusiasm, tried and true melodies from the first wave of melodic English punk (Stiff Little Fingers wouldn’t be too far off), and a sharpshooter of a recording. The b-side is a toe-tapping Replacements cover. Reigned in, I like these guys quite a bit.

–todd (Mortville)

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