KHANATE: Capture and Release: CD

Dec 14, 2005

Ha ha ha, when I put this on, my first thought was, "Wow, this sounds like Burning Witch or Thorr's Hammer," and then I read the press sheet and lo and behold, the dude from Burning Witch and Thorr's Hammer is in this band! Well, it's really slow and really heavy, with terrifying screechy vocals. If you're into Earth, Sunn, Boris, or Grief, you'll like this. I'm really impressed with the musicianship on this record. It's gotta be hard to stay as tight as they do while going so slow. In fact, my only real problem with this record is that it's too slow; it never actually starts to rock, but I think that's kinda the point. This record is cool, but I honestly don't think that I'll listen to it again. -Ben Snakepit

 –guest (Hydra Head)