KEY TEENS, THE: No Fucks Given Demo: Cassette

This band is gonna kill me, but the biggest reference point I can manage here is via other Halifax bands I’ve reviewed over the years, folks like Eviction Party and Starla Ubiquitous. It’s a cop out, I know, but there’s just such a distinct thread running through all of these groups, even beyond the sense of joyous resilience and similar visual aesthetic: sonically, it’s a kind of rough-and-tumble earnest punk, like Cub if they had back patches and preferred box wine, or Cleveland Bound Death Sentence if they were a three piece and a little more gruff. Ragged stuff, and thoughtful; boom-bap-boom-bap drums, lyrics that read like stories, like little encapsulations of a particular time and place, that remind us (kindly) how our personal actions irrefutably have political ramifications. I don’t know how big the Halifax scene is, but the little I know of it rules, hands down, as does this band. Also, best name for a demo I’ve seen in years.

 –keith (Key Teens)