KEVIN K BAND: Sealed Works: CD

Jul 10, 2009

I guess this is what the kid’s these days are calling “punk rawk.” More accurately, it’s probably just “rawk.” It’s sort of a poorman’s (a really destitute poorman’s) Hellacopters or Backyard Babies. But way more, um, relaxed than either of those. Especially the vocals. They’re so relaxed sounding that they sound out of place in a grubby little band like this. Kevin K sounds like Don Dokken on a bunch of Xanax, sipping martinis. Odd. On the cover he looks like some putrefied street person who’s teeth were chewed out of his head by years of filterless cigarettes and rot gut whiskey. So I guess I was expecting some growling sociopathic Neanderthal like GG Allin or something. No such luck. Ballads, cheesy poorly-executed dual guitar wanks and that fruity, god-forsaken relaxed Dokken voice. And too many stupid Chuck Berry riffs. The Kevin K Band sounds exactly like every mediocre bar band you ever tried to drown out with loud drunken conversation. I honestly don’t know who this would appeal to.


 –aphid (Laughing Outlaw)