KERMIT’S FINGER: Shoot Yourself in the Foot: CD

Nov 15, 2006

Been a long while since I heard something from these guys, but it seems they're still peddlin' their wares in the guise of hardcore with intelligently stupid lyrics. Sandwiched in between love songs to nicotine, praises for Pedro Martinez, and odes to beer drinkin' are sly attacks on American consumer mentality, the current denizens of the White House, asshole cops, and history's perception of George Washington. If you're lookin' for high-tech musical noodling and big tough metal dudes with tattoos and no hair that take themselves way too seriously, look elsewhere. If you're look for some straight-ahead hardcore that doesn't fit into some sub-pigeonhole with a name a butcher might use in everyday conversation and that doesn't mind consciously veering toward the dumb on occasion, look no further. Me, I still fuckin' dig 'em.

 –jimmy (