Sep 07, 2010

Bearing in mind that I contend that hardcore died at anything other than a local level by the end of ‘82, this album reminds me of the what-was-still-being-called-hardcore albums of 1984—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing: The albums being called “hardcore” then ((and do note that albums—not seven-inches—had shifted to the dominant format by that time, and read into that what you care to)) weren’t terribly IMPORTANT in any meaningful sense ((other than being an ongoing artifact of a healthy grassroots etc. etc. etc.)), but they could still be kinda enjoyable. Plus, they always had a shit-ton of songs on ‘em, and if you didn’t like the song which was currently playing, maybe you’d like the next one, which was probably due up in ninety seconds or something. Kermit’s Finger, then—including a man in a baseball cap and a Fear t-shirt, how novel!—remind me of those gruffer bands like The Burnt, crossed with the efforts of less-weighty minstrels, like TMA’s “What’s for Dinner” LP. There’s a song about getting your beer spilled, and another about falling down when attempting to shovel the sidewalk—none of them delivered in a self-conscious “hey, look at me, I am writing a song about slipping on ice! Ain’t that wacky?” fashion, just a straight-up “Three things happened to me today so I wrote three songs and here they are” kinda vibe. “Young Wesley” sounds like something off the second or third Sham 69 album, and “I Need Destruction” reminds me a bit of classic Sacred Order; other than that it just sounds like 1984 ((including too-fast covers of “Lift up Your Hood” and “Ain’t Nothing but a House Party,” mirroring hardcore ‘84’s own dawning realization that we were all kind of either coming to or at a musical dead end)). I’ve spent a worse twenty-five minutes this month. BEST SONG: “Young Wesley” BEST SONG TITLE: “PTA Hole” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I’ll call the same bullshit i called on Austin’s Bloody Tears—”Ain’t Nothing but a House Party” isn’t a J. Geils song, it was originally by an English band called the Show Stoppers, although i’m more familiar with the Tremeloes version meself.

 –norb (Poorest Quality)