KER-BLOOM #117: $3, 4¼” x 5½”, letterpressed, 8 pgs.

Apr 19, 2016

The November-December 2015 issue of Artnoose’s lovely and life-affirming series is subtitled “It’s Just a Rash” and tells of her past scabies scare. What’s to say? It’s a good scabies story. It’s right up there with “hitchhiking woes,”“dumpster diving horror[s],” or “problems crossing the Canadian border.” Many times I’ve heard friends talk of “scabies’ tennis,” that punk house horror story of the itch being tossed back and forth between friends and partners since time immemorial. For years Artnoose dodged those scares but “It’s Just a Rash” locks in on a recent and singular episode that uses equal parts suspense, education, good parenting, and consistently beautiful materials (jade cardstock, ruby ink punched from a Vandercook Model 4 letterpress) to share with us the pre-winter scabies news from Berkeley.–Jim Joyce (