KENT 3, THE: Spells: CD

Aug 09, 2009

This is a great album to listen to but a really tough one to review because I’m completely at a loss for buzzwords. There are no easy classifications for The Kent 3. That’s a good thing. When you listen to as much music as I do, and you find something that’s this original, you’d happily give up easy classifications for something this diverse. A few things are certain: 1. These guys have an awesome record collection. Every note and chord of this album proves that. They clearly still listen to Devo, especially “Working in the Coal Mine,” and they probably have everything that Sicko ever put out. 2. These guys face a lot of weird stares when they play a show. People must scream for them to bring out the punk rock, not realizing that these guys owe so much to so many varied punk misfits like the Bags and Mudhoney. 3. These guys must smoke a lot of pot. I know. We can smell our own. 4. I’m now going to sing the praises of one more obscure band that blows my mind and leaves me wondering why no one else is screaming for more of The Kent 3. Long live The Kent 3! And now, it’s time for the buzzwords: kind of an indie rock meets new wave then regresses to punk with country elements and art house noise without the pretension. See how meaningless that is?

 –sean (BurnBurnBurn)

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