KENNEDY: Self-titled: CD

Feb 21, 2003

Mop topped singer/bass player Kennedy carries on the work begun in the now-defunct Body English. There’s a bit of an English Invasion influence here and the whole thing plays out almost like a Quadrophenia-style concept album. (Kennedy claims it isn’t, but...) The first track, “Wake Up Motherfucker,” introduces us to a horny, shiftless protagonist with a maxed out credit card and a rapidly depleting trust fund. In “Turkey Pot Pie,” he sets out for New Orleans with “a bottle of port and an ounce of weed” and an eye out for your girlfriend. He rationalizes his reckless ways in “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” and, declaring that “the universe is a maze and it’s got me by the brains,” indulges in all manner of excess, getting “hopped on goofballs and dreams” and later, engaging in bizarre sex acts in “Cold Pussy.” He winds up, as many a reckless youth has, mixing it up with Silver Lake hipsters at the Fold in “The Scott Sterling Extreme Sports Challenge” before hitting rock bottom in “Cocaine Junkie O.D.” and “Goatfuck.” He reaches an epiphany in “I Love Me” and becomes re-programmed in “Utilitarian Cafeteria.” Well, that’s how I saw it, anyway.

 –Bob Cantu (Sea Level)