Sep 05, 2012

I like music that leaves me wondering, “What the hell does this guy do?” No, not your band... I know exactly what your band does. You guys put beer in koozies and namedrop that guy from The Ergs! No, I like music that is so out there and wacky that it leaves you begging to know what the guy behind it does. For instance, The Keith Walsh Experience, a one-man band from Los Angeles who plays oddball, sci-fi-themed stuff and just kills it! Aside from thinking, “Jesus fucking Christ, this ROCKS!” what comes to mind while listening to Motorik is, “What does Keith Walsh do”? Does he lock himself away in his basement apartment reading old, pulp, sci-fi mags and comic books until he comes up with his next song of awesomeness? Does he wander

Hollywood Boulevardmumbling to himself? Or does he stand on a soapbox preaching his anarcho-futurism? Then again, maybe he’s just another black leather jacketed punk. (Excuse me if I like my eccentrics eccentric.) But whatever this guy’s deal is and no matter how much I enjoy the mystery of it, it’s only aggregate to a magnificent whole. See, Motorik is just fucking brilliant. Each song uses sci-fi themes as metaphors for advancing as humans, both as a species and as individuals. It’s super positive in its lofty declarations. With an immensely engaging, deep late Iggy Pop baritone Walsh shouts his anthems, “Life is a mountain, better than a hill/take me to the valleys and let me get my thrills” and, “Yes, we are the Futurists!”, and it’s truly inspiring. He does this while battering a drumset with his feet, playing guitar, and—at times—even a harmonica all at the same time. He’s a visionary, I tell ya. This guy’s on par with all of the weirdoes like Doctor Octagon, Hasil Adkins, Frank Zappa, and Pere Ubu. If you’re familiar with Roctober, this is the kind of music they freak out about: weird music by weird people. However, don’t get me wrong, it’s not the kind of weirdness that you only play every now and then. No, this is infectious, charismatic, addictive, whackjob, utopian rock’n’roll you’ll come back to again and again.  –Craven (Self-released,

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