KBH: Blood Money: CD

Jun 22, 2007

I looked at the cover for this and thought, “Oh great, more shitty hardcore.” I mean, seriously. There’s a guy with his head blown open and the band’s logo has some crossed machineguns. When the first track started, something familiar kicked in. I know these guys somehow. It sure ain’t hardcore (read: metal), either. I got it! These guys were on the Hostage Records’ Collateral Damage comp. Rad! This disc kicks so much ass it’s ridiculous. The obvious comparison might be Misfits without all of the horror lyrics. The lead singer has a bit of a Danzig thing going on, but I think he sounds a little more like Jackson Phibes from Forbidden Dimension. That is a really good thing. I can’t believe how great this is. Made my month!

 –ty (www.kbhmafia.com)