KARYSUN: Until the End: CD

Sep 23, 2011

Until the End doesn’t waste any time. As soon as the album is on, you plummet into some deep bass doom with the song “Cops Pigs Murders.” The guttural vocals deliver the lyrics to an almost masochistic degree of feeling: “Under their cleanness they’re becoming soldiers / under my calmness I’m becoming destructive / war is on, the state put me on the side of hate.”This sets the tone for the rest of the album. The tempo is usually a slow, bass-heavy, plodding rage but they fuck with hardcore, metal, and crust to keep things interesting. In spite of all the genres that I hear, it avoids the trite by-the-book trappings of any of them. The vocals are angry and throat-shredding, defying the apathy of stoned doom fans or the genre-damaged and insincere politics of crust. Karysun are so angry and heartfelt that there’s no doubting their sincerity. Take the lyrics to “Carved for Consumption”:“In despair, we trust anybody / we trust anything / In despair, we are ready to play any role in their game / to accept any illusion to escape reality.”While maybe not super poetic, they are delivered with such ire that they demand to be taken seriously. Until the End makes me want to go out and set cop cars on fire, but, more importantly, it makes me want to stay involved in the struggle and shakes me out of my passivity. I’m tempted to end this review with something like “see you at the riot,” but I won’t, because Karysun will probably actually be there.  –Craven (Destructure, karysun.com)