KALASHNIKOV: Vampirizzati Oggi: 7”EP

May 01, 2012

Without denigrating either enterprise, Kalashnikov—an Italian anarchist collective band—sound like the Cirque du Soleil of punk. There’s a lush theatricality, a high-wire exaggeration, a words-are-poor-boundaries, flags-are-fucked feel to all of their songs. Dead-serious, playful, human anarchists. Artwork-wise, don’t be expecting Crass stencil-and-slogan, but a wonderful interplay of hand-drawn artwork, comics, collages, and the overarching feeling that slavery is worldwide and that creativity, in all of its forms, can provide one of the few true escapes. If you want easy anthems, look elsewhere. If you want to get transported to another world of sound that isn’t recognizably mohawks and bullet belts coming out the monitors, Kalashnikov is worth the hunt.

 –todd (released by over fifteen labels, including: Chaos Rurale, chaosrurale.com / Fussil Zine, [email protected] / Burning Boards, burningboards.net)