Jun 20, 2007

It has been a while since I heard something from this band. The last thing was the And So You Spill Your Children’s Blood... 7” that was released on Ponk 111 and a couple of other labels. I believe it was released late 2000 or 2001. The band seems to have grown greatly. The musicianship and writing are much more complicated and they have gained a conscious control of their aggression. With the integration of more guitar harmonies, they have added texture and layers to their music. The songs are intricate enough to keep this listener attentive and not in a state of monotony. They continue on with their brand of anarcho/crust that is fierce and dark. The metallic riffing is what makes the music come out screaming. Loud guitars and precise drumming makes this all come together with lyrics that are intelligent, yet poetic in their delivery. I enjoyed this one from start to finish and have listened to it more than a few times.

 –don (Profane Existence)