KAKISTOCRACY: An Apology: 7"

Oct 29, 2008

It’s been a while since I listened to this band on their early EP And So You Spilled Your Children’s Blood on Ponk 111 and the full length that was released a couple of years ago on Profane Existence. An easy and a common reference for this band is that they fall into the anarcho crust camp. But they also seem to have an underlying infusion of melody that makes the music operatic and epic while maintaining the energy of their metallic punk sound. Taking the standard and adding a bit of themselves into the music sets it above the generic. Three songs seem to be a tease but, in reality, is enough to get the dose without being overbearing. Listening to this release, I’m glad to hear that they continue to progress and get better from release to release. If you are looking around, it’s also co-released by Rust and Machine and Halo Of Flies. 

 –don (Humdinger)

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