KADDISH: Thick Letters to Friends: LP

Haven’t come across anything quite like this before. I can best describe the Scottish band Kaddish as post-pop hardcore punk (still with me?) with frenetic melodic guitar and the echoes of traditional Scottish music (with a possible tinge of Mission Of Burma influence throughout). Lax, melodious guitar quickly finds itself into hardcore throw downs, then back again. The change-ups really had me guessing what’s next. At times, they had me wandering aimlessly. Emo-screamo, torn vocals drenched in desperation added uneasiness to their overall sound—as well as the vocals never quite synching with the melodies. It all seemed a bit off kilter, but after a few listens it became more cohesive (as I find this the case when listening to more complex and unusual music). 

 –Camylle Reynolds (Make-That-A-Take, makethatatakerecords.bandcamp / Black Lake/ The Ghost Is Clear / Boslevan)