KAAOS: Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos: LP

Apr 02, 2009

I don’t know if it’s all that snow or what, but the Scandinavians have got the market cornered in the western hemisphere when it comes to consistently amazing hardcore releases. Twenty-plus years and, as evidenced by bands like Krigshot and Rajoitus, most countries still can’t come close to matching the chaotic bliss that comes outta the frostbitten European north. Don’t believe me? Pop this puppy, a reissue of a classic from 1984, onto the turntable, crank up the volume and prepare to have your ears gouged by some of the best noise ever associated with the word “punk.” This record is rife with fjordcore fury, as punishing as it was two decades ago and, as if the original tracks weren’t enough, three additional tracks have been tacked on to up the ante. Give this bad boy a place of reverence in your collection, sandwiched between tattered Terveet Kadet, Rattus, and Riisteyt releases, and just wish you were in a band that friggin’ good.

 –jimmy (Havoc)