KA-NIVES, THE: Get Duped: LP

Mar 14, 2007

Me like oog music. Me no like think rock. Me no like Volvo commercial rock. Me like Fred Flinstone’s car. Me like furry underwear on go go dancers and ribs so big they tip over the car at the drive-in. Me like Supercharger, Gories, King Kahn and BBQ. Me like music that when it’s swiped with something sharp, it bleeds instead of asks for a credit card number. Me like music that’s raw and booger-eatin’ and has an exhaust leak that gives me a carbon monoxide high. (Me too dumb to die.) Do The Mummies have boogers? If they did, the Ka-Nives would eat those Mummie boogers from all of their noses and steal the Mummies songs in the process, using the uneaten boogers as sheet music. This album’s all covers, and I won’t lie; if they would have said, “All originals, chump,” I’d of believed ‘em, except for “Nervous Breakdown”—no, not that Rise Against song from Lords of Dogtown… or Black Flag… before that—which is great oog music, too. LP limited to 300. Comes with booklet with nice pictures, so no have to read much.

 –todd (Lance Rock)

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