KA-KNIVES, THE: “Weasel” b/w “Dear Dad”: 7"

Apr 02, 2009

In the spirit of Supercharger and the Oblivians, the equation’s as predictable as it is effective. Take low-fi, kick some dirt on it, record it through a boom box (or whatever sounds like one), and kick it in the nads a couple more times, so you don’t know if it’s limping or staggering. If you did it right, it’s the audio equivalent to duct-taped instruments, fractured cymbals, and microphones with cracked cords. Here are two covers: one by Joe and the Furies, and one by Chuck Berry. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it. On drums and vocals is Matt of the dearly missed Jewws (of which the Ka-Knives are a reasonable outreach from) and Junior Varsity (which this is pretty far afield from).

 –todd (Lance Rock)