JUVENTUD CRASA: Self-titled: 7”

Sep 18, 2013

This is some well played punk hailing from Puerto Rico. I especially liked how a specific song could go from being a singalong, into some off-beat vocals, then get really aggressive out of nowhere. It doesn’t stick to one über-specific genre of punk, which I really appreciated. I was hoping for a lyric sheet or insert, not just to decipher the vocals, but to get some more insight into what this band’s all about and see some more cool art. The wolf playing a flute on the cover is pretty great. Regardless, I really enjoyed this and it’s been on regular random rotation for a few weeks. If they swing through your town, go to the show and tell me what it’s all about.

 –Rene Navarro (Juventud Crasa, Juventudcrasa.bandcamp.com)