Mar 03, 2009

Both sing in a language that might be Spanish or an “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Spanish” Spanish brand substitute. Both bands use male/female dual vocals. Both bands play in a style not unlike later ‘80s hardcore (you know, when it started dicking around with metal and caught all those weird STDs). Now here are the differences: Juventud Crasa is entirely forgettable. Menosvalidos’ last three songs almost make the disc worth it, but it seems that these efforts are wasted and they should just put out a 7” instead. Also, isn’t there a rule where splits are supposed to be two not entirely similar bands? This felt like I was eating two pieces of bread disguised as a sandwich.

 –Bryan Static (Valle Miseria/Southkore/Rocanrolperu/Discos de Hoy/Cabeza e Vacas)

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