JUVENTED CRASA: Amor en el Zafacón: CD

Apr 27, 2009

Great little record with an awesome early ‘80s hardcore sound. Unfortunately, the lyrical content was beyond me since I don’t know Spanish, which I would guess is the right and proper lingua punka if you’re from Puerto Rico like J.C. are. But the lyrics are translated in the notes in English and Japanese (nice!), so you can get a feel for what the tunes are about—an ‘80s feel there, too. Some of the tunes were straight-on mindblowing hardcore, and some are hardcore with some swirly vocal harmonies the likes of 7 Seconds or later MIA. I have no complaints with this record. Six tunes that are at the very least good, and some are downright grenade-in-my-brain-ish. Huzzah!

 –Eric Carlson (Persona Unknown)