JUNKYARD: Tried and True: CDEP

Oct 16, 2008

Junkyard were a late-’80s hair metal band featuring Brian Baker from Minor Threat and Chris Gates from the Big Boys on guitars. As you may expect from Brian Baker and Chris Gates, Junkyard had more imagination and creativity than bands like Motley Crue or Poison, and they had a way of writing songs up from the gutter, which you wouldn’t really expect from a limos-and-groupies-scene band. They were also one of my brother’s favorite bands, so Junkyard mostly reminds me of good times hanging out with him. But make no mistakes, this is late-’80s hair metal. Now, apparently they’ve reformed without Brian Baker (he’s currently in Bad Religion, but he did write a song on this EP), and they’ve recorded new songs or new versions of old songs. There are a couple of hair metal songs at the beginning, a dreaded rock ballad, a pretty cool country song, a remake of one my brother’s favorite songs, “Simple Man,” and another metal song at the end.

 –sean (Heatslick)