JUNK, THE: Glad to See You’re Back: 7” EP

Sep 07, 2010

Blunt, catchy, snotty, itchy OrangeCounty punk rock. The legacy’s all there from The Crowd to Shattered Faith to The Stitches and this 7” would have fit right in on Hostage Records and in the New Beach Alliance without a blink five, ten years ago. These three songs are also an understandable continuation of The Smut Peddlers—Gish and Julia are the bulletproof rhythm section. With another vocalist, the lyrics remain dark, but, this time out, are looking for redemption instead of reveling in being king of the fuck-ups. Solid stuff. It’s like a motorcycle with all the attention paid to the motor, not the paint. I’m looking forward to them opening up the throttle on the open road of a full length. Limited to 150.

 –todd (Bad Idea Music, badideamusic.com)