Sep 23, 2009

Word on the street is that the institution known as the Smut Peddlers has called it quits after a fifteen-year stab at things. But one not to rest on her laurels, Julia the gate-crashing drummer, is already involved in another band. The tattooing from her long tour in the Peddlers is immediately recognizable. Take the first British wave of punk, ghost ride it into the endless suburbs of OrangeCounty and knock over a phone pole. Let that shit fester under the facade of sunshine and home owners associations, inject it with bad drugs in an attempt to make the cul-de-sacs disappear, and that’s the starting point. The Junk make some important departures from their predecessor, though, namely eyeballing Ohio and Michigan: Dead Boys, Pagans, Iggy And The Stooges. And you know what? It’s menace, pure, simple, shorn, and played with the slightest of smiles. Very effective and a great first batch of songs.

 –todd (Self-released, thejunksite.com)

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