JUNIOR BRUCE: The Headless King: 12”

May 01, 2012

This band is getting a lot of hype because of the “ex members” credentials, but I don’t really think that the comparisons to their older bands are fair, so I’m going to avoid dropping those names. These guys play swampy stoner metal that reminds me a lot of St. Vitus, but there are a lot of other ‘80s-style metal influences popping up in the recording. Parts of it remind me a lot of the Kylesa record Static Tensions, or Buzzoven, simply because there’s a punk vibe behind the metal and the guitar tones and structures lean a lot towards the Cavity records on Hydra Head. Comparisons aside, it’s a good, groove-heavy metal record that doesn’t feel plastic or forced and the recording is mean as all hell.

 –Ian Wise (A389)

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