JUNGLE FEVER : Cryin’ Blood: 7”

May 03, 2011

Fuckin’ spring-wound ass-kickin’ pedal-to-the-metal female vocal punk, with just enough concessions to tunefulness to be interesting, like if the Loudmouths really wrote all the songs on the first Donnas record, and the Donnas could really play like Heart Attack, and weren’t the Donnas at all, they were the Action Swingers, but they had one or two people from the Busy Signals in the band because Ned got on everyone’s nerves. I did not get a bad 45 to review this month, which is fucking amazing. I wonder if i played that second Girlschool album on 45 and pitched it down to a normal frequency if it would sound like this. I’m sure many people do. BEST SONG: “Cryin’ Blood”  BEST SONG TITLE: “Under The Bus”  FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My copy came in a hand-lettered sleeve, is presumably a test pressing, and is numbered “2/3.” Ain’t i some pumpkins.

 –norb (Win)