JULIETTE: From Somewhere in the East: CD

This disc has me at a bit of a loss. I popped it in the car and took off for work. A few seconds into the first song I was convinced that I was listening to another Canadian pseudo emo/hardcore band. Seriously, this sounded so much like all the stuff that was happening here in Victoria in the mid ‘90s, I was convinced that it may have even been local. Nope, this is Poland, not Victoria! It still really took me back to hear something that sounded so much like Render Useless or M-Blanket. Unfortunately, the vocals snapped me out of my trip down memory lane. Wow, that’s painful. Do you remember those stories about the guy who would soak pieces of bread in Liquid Draino and go out and feed them to seagulls to watch their stomachs explode? I am convinced that the singer of Juliette sounds exactly like what one of those seagulls would sound like right before death. It’s too bad because I kind of liked it musically.

 –ty (Refuse)