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Apr 09, 2016
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When I look at this photo of Stefan from Pup, smiling while playing at this past Fest, it makes me have all the warm and fuzzy feelings inside. As Pup played on the main outdoor stage, he was looking out over a massive sea of fans dancing, crowd surfing, and singing along with him.

Punks going to Fest are super excited to see their friends and favorite bands perform, but I also love that you can tell how much it means to so many of the bands that play. Some of my favorite moments are watching and photographing musicians who look like they just couldn't be happier doing what they do and the energy it creates between them and the crowd. It builds this amazing interaction and space for everyone to truly enjoy themselves and have the best time, regardless of everything else that could be going on in their life. It makes me thankful to be there as a photographer to capture it.