Child Bite - Juile A Ferguson

Julie A. Ferguson Photo Column - Child Bite

Sep 12, 2015


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A couple weekends ago I photographed Gwar B-Q here in Richmond. It was a long, exciting day in the sun full of people watching, partying, and, of course, a ton of awesome bands. Earlier in the day as I made my way between the two main stages, I stopped at the Slutman Pavilion to check out who was playing and snap a couple photos. I was pleasantly surprised to find Detroit’s Child Bite stalking the stage. Their unique post-punk, hardcore, and experimental sound—paired with their massive amounts of energy—drew me in.

As I made my way deeper into the crowd I noticed that their vocalist, Shawn Knight, had hoisted himself into the rafters above the stage, disappearing somewhere over the crowd. A few moments later I noticed the plastic sheeting being ripped open and out pops a hand... then an arm... then Shawn’s whole upper body was just hanging out of the ceiling like he was being birthed and I couldn’t help but to think of that scene in Ace Ventura where Jim Carrey is being “born” out of a rhino’s butt. It was pretty bizarre and one of my favorite moments from the entire day.