I have been waiting for this record for too damn long. The first EP and full length by this band are two of the very best records of this decade and still get regular spins round my house. I am glad to say that this new six-songer stacks up right along the others. Released by the king of all tastemakers, Mr. Pat Todd, this new disc sounds right at home on Rank Outsider Records. There are elements here of many the greats: hints of Dictators, Radio Birdman, Ramones, Zeros, and Saints can be heard. Not actively attempting to ape anyone, the Jukebox Zeros bring to mind those great bands because they are themselves an amazing band. Fans of the Humpers, Lazy Cowgirls, Jeff Dahl, Joneses, and other rockers are going to want to be all over this.

 –frame (Rank Outsider, www.rankoutsiderrecords.com)