JUKEBOX ZEROS: Four on the Floor: CD

Fuck yes, this is exactly the kind of music I love! Bad-ass, mid-tempo glam punk in the vein of the Joneses and the Humpers. In fact, this reminds me a whole lot of that great Vice Principals LP from a few years back with members of those two bands. Somebody in this band is a Jeff Drake fan and I am reaping the benefits. The songs are the perfect tempo—not too fast—like most who try and play this style. Those leads sound so much better mid-tempo than they do at Motörhead speed. A couple of the tunes on here even remind me of that amazing Loose Lips LP on TKO. That is one of the most underrated records of all time in my opinion. Most likely this will be as well, because for whatever reason, folks just hate glampunk. It is, without a doubt, my favorite style of music in the world and the Jukebox Zeros are as good as anyone out there. Great songs, simple leads, and catchy fucking choruses. I could listen to this all day long.

 –frame (Steel Cage)