May 14, 2001

Every time I get a release by this prolific Japanese band I always feel short changed. I'm guessing that this is their fourth release and this one was released on CD. There are only four songs! The two previous releases (and the first, I assume, but I never have seen a copy) was on 7" and only had two songs each. What you do get every time is quality old school Japan-core. The songs are mid-tempo and pack a lot of punch; manic vocals over powerful guitar chords. Under all the rage is a fine line of melody. The songs just have a hook that carries it over the edge and keeps things interesting. Something new in the mix from their previous releases is some background vocals from the female bass player. I don't know her name. I can't read Japanese anymore. Consistent, as always, and brought to you from a label everybody should check out.

 –don (HG Fact, 105 Nakano Shinbashi-M, 2-7-15 Yayoi-Cho, Nakano, Tokyo164-0013, Japan)