JUDGE DREAD: Death Rattle: 7” EP

Jul 25, 2008

I was gonna totally ignore the name thing, but I just can’t. I did a quick Google of the words “judge dread” with no quotations or anything, just to see what came up. Three entries down, past two links to IMDB’s entries for the film Judge Dredd is one for Wikipedia’s entry for Judge Dread, the famous reggae singer. This search took me, oh, four seconds to execute. Now, seeing as it’s obvious from their having a Myspace page that someone at least remotely affiliated with them has internet access, it’s flabbergasting to think they couldn’t be bothered to do a search as simple as the one I just did to make sure there wasn’t already someone using that name for the past forty-odd years. I could see if it was some accidental co-opting of an obscure hardcore band’s name, but Judge Dread wasn’t exactly hitting the backyard and basement circuit in Duluth. That said, these guys place some decent, noisy thrash with reasonably intelligent lyrics.

 –jimmy (([email protected])