JOYRIDE!: Bodies of Water: LP

Nov 02, 2015

This record is awesome. Joyride! has found that perfect medium that allows them to showcase powerful lyrics, great musicianship, and a heartfelt intention that is the backbone of any lasting band. On “Small Talk,” the ending reprise of “We might not say much, but we still like to talk” is belted out with such beautiful cadence and sincerity that I wouldn’t mind if the record started skipping and played that on an endless loop. There’s a small southern twinge in front-woman Jenna’s voice, which comes off as approachable and endearing, like a childhood friend. If I had to pin the band down musically, I’d say they’re somewhere between The Measure [SA] and Discount. There’s something about the delivery of the lyrics that really grabs me. This band takes the time to slow down and release each word at just the right time to make them resonate strongly while the drums are building up quietly in the background. It’s like taking a partially inflated balloon, leaking out little bits and pieces, and breathing new air into it until it either bursts or floats away in a haze. The closing song has this sleepy trumpet that takes you out in a dreamy nostalgia. 

 –Kayla Greet (Salinas,

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