JOYKILLER, THE: Ready, Sexed, Go!: CD

This is an anthology of Jack Grisham’s last band before he reunited TSOL. I personally liked the self-titled first album. Ron Emory played guitar on that record and he added that TSOL/Beneath the Shadows feel. I had lost interest when I heard the second record: Static. Ron Emery was not playing. I also thought at the time that they sounded too Cathedral of Tears / Tender Fury to me. (Jack’s bands after TSOL.) I saw those bands a bunch of times but I was too punk rock and ignorant back then to enjoy it. Their last release was Three. I didn’t even listen to that one. Hearing this band again is more enjoyable now and coming in with unbiased ears makes this interesting. The band experiments with more varieties of music and has developed a poppy, melodic expression over time. If you want punk, buy their first release or stay within the first nine tracks. If your mind is open, give the disc a full spin.

 –don (Epitaph)