JOYKILLER, THE: Music for Break-Ups: LP

Jack Grisham did some spring cleaning and found these songs on a cassette from the mid-nineties. Original members—including Jack, Ronnie King, and Billy Persons—are joined here by some new recruits. Matthew Rainwater (now in T.S.O.L., too) on drums, Rikk Agnew on guitar, Steve Soto on backing vocals, and production handled by Paul Roessler. If those names don’t cause your ears to perk up, then you need to see a specialist pronto. “Lipstick on the Radio” and “That Girl” are highlights, but all these songs are fantastic. It’s not T.S.O.L. Part Deux, so don’t expect that. But if you like melodic punk with some keyboard flourishes, this won’t disappoint. Even The Dude will tell you the same thing. 

 –koepenick (Self-released, [email protected])