Jan 11, 2011

Joyce Manor: I’ve been told they’re a grower of a band. First listen: oi-folk with a Happy Days vibe and a lot of “I really mean it” sing-a-long parts. But not half as bad as that may sound. They still haven’t completely clicked with me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do in the future. There’s something very cool and just odd that some members of Summer Vacation were eight or nine years old when Razorcake started ten years ago. It’s cool because one of my main theories is being proven true: DIY punk is a force unto itself. It doesn’t need outside forces to drive it (like emo, ska punk, screamo) to keep it viable. It’s somewhat odd because I’m double these dudes’ age, they have to hide out if they stay at a bar show after they play, and yet they’re picking up on musical cues that’ve been relevant to me over time: J.Church, a little bit of Pretty Boy Thorson, Minor Threat sheep tattoos, some Defiance, Ohio and Billy Bragg, the straight-edge lifestyle, and an understated layering of instruments. They’re an excellent, local band and I’m looking forward to hearing more of them.

 –todd (Muy Autentico)