JOYCE MANOR : Self-titled: CD

May 03, 2011

Goddamnit. I never think of myself of a person who has guilty pleasures, but I am. I won’t mention all of them, but I’ll ashamedly admit that I have a spot for Saves The Day’s Through Being Cool and The Desaparecidos’ Read Music, Speak Spanish. The reason that I name those two names is that I think that they are relevant to this review. I hear bits of both of those records in this one. Hell, I even hated this CD the first time I heard it, just like the first time that I heard Saves The Day. At first, it sounded like some poppy emo for that nobody over nineteen years of age would give a second play. Upon a more careful listen, JM have some interesting instrumentation and decent lyrics, showing an honest and heartfelt side. You should think about picking this up and hiding it from your friends.

 –Vincent (6131)