JOY SUBTRACTION: Hate Will Keep Us Together: LP

Apr 29, 2016

I was listening to this while doing the dishes and kind of getting into a whole self-loathing trip. The second song came on. I was pretty sure I was mishearing the lyrics as “I Feel Like Frank Stallone,” which made me giggle. But I liked those lyrics, so that’s how I sang along. As my fingers pruned up, I got to dreading the point at which I’d actually have to look at the record and find out what the song was really called. Probably something boring about “I Feel Like Being Alone.” But then when I finished the dishes and lotioned up my hands and got the record all goopy, I discovered that was actually the title and I felt like these guys understood and I was going to be okay tonight. I read along to the rest of the lyrics about making a mate out of car parts in the garage and stuff like that. Lyrics that dealt with angst and disappointment in life with a weird and hopeful sense of fun, which is what I really needed. And the music matched perfectly. Kind of dark, but with lots of weird little sparkly flourishes. Complicated but not assholish-ly so, and thoughtful in a totally thoughtless way. 

 –MP Johnson (Sailor Records,

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