JOSEPH LARKIN: The Very Special World of Joseph Larkin: CD

May 21, 2010

Andrew Dice Clay made a record (I think it was The Day the Laughter Died, but I’m not sure), where he attempted to do stand up in front of a crowd of people completely unfamiliar with his material (I also think he made up jokes on the spot, but again, not positive). This is pretty much seems to be the underground equivalent, as it’s over an hour’s worth of a dude bombing at assorted open mics throughout Louisiana (the track listing points out some that “Got me banned”). I want to like this, but it’s not particularly interesting. There’s a lot of self deprecation, which doesn’t work when it sounds like the comedian isn’t over what’s gotten him down in the first place. There’s also a really pretentious attitude throughout the whole thing, even though the material is the lowest of low brow (“My parents died! Because I raped them! Bwaha!”), and he just strikes me as the kind of guy who I’d say hi to at a party, just to get a ten minute rant on how “Everything’s bullshit, man.” Maybe he’s going for a weird Andy Kaufman thing. Lots of people pull that instead of really trying to work on material and it’s a copout. I’m really into the idea of more underground comedy and having it cross over with music, but, ultimately, I can’t get into this. I don’t think Joseph made this to be liked, so I guess everyone wins.

 –joe (Also-Ran)