JOSE PHINE: Self-titled: Cassette

Sep 23, 2009

This is screamy. Heavier than screamo stuff, but with similar breakdowns and slow, melodic parts. I can’t understand what the singer is saying at all, despite the fact that most of the lyrics are in English. Much better recording than I was expecting, considering it’s a cassette. Assuming there are not tons of bands like this in Malaysia (although maybe there are—an investigative visit may be in order), I am excited that Jose Phine is playing this kind of stuff, but I couldn’t get too into it. The screaming just puts me off. It hogs all my attention and I can’t get around to the music. However, if full-on screaming is your bag (or if you can ignore it), maybe you should check it out. Comes in a plastic, blue-colored sleeve, with a small insert with lyrics and a few dark photos.

 –Jennifer Federico (Utarid Tapes,