Sep 23, 2009

Jonsesin’: It’s fun to think that if Sasquatch was a hobo who was in a punk band and then he lit himself on fire accidentally from falling asleep in bed while smoking. Oh yeah, and he was in a pissy mood and had a powerful backup band. One song about choking on bad geography, and on the slower second song, the fire turns to smoky-voiced anthems of breaking down. Dude Jams: Is a studio band of an ex-Grumpies dude, who’ll play out occasionally with a full band. The “music critic” in me struggles against the feeling of “This is too easy. I already know these songs,” but the dude in me really likes a song like “Shit Fit,” where it’s totally and simultaneously like and unlike The Knack: duct tape as wallpaper, self-loathing in dirty pop sensibility, and undeniable bounce and sing-along-ability. Fun. As an added bonus, played this as per the label’s instructions at thirty-three and it’s not-so-bad doom, so you get two records in one.

 –todd (Muy Autentico / Dirt Cult)

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