Sep 21, 2009

I recently had the perverse pleasure of wickedly witnessing the rowdily roarin' punkrock wrath of the Jones Street Boys live, loud, and full of unrelenting, skull-walloping fury here in Longmooo of Hades, and I was so overwhelmingly wide-eyed and impressed with their sonically scorchin' set (which included raucously wild renditions of the Ramones' "The KKK Took My Baby Away," Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," and Fear's "I Love Livin' in the City") that I shamelessly pleaded with their larger-than-life vocalist to generously give me this here fine-shined sparkling platter of robustly pristine cowpoke punk (indeed, I would've gladly paid for it no matter the cost, but I'd already gluttonously depleted all of my monetary funds on several containers of cold frothy mind-debilitating beverages... drunkenly keepin' my priorities straight, don't ya know!). Like their frenetically fierce stage presence, the Jones Street Boys on CD assuredly do not disappoint in the very least... it's audial lawlessness at its most smokin', sizzlin', gritty, greasy, and savage: gruff whiskey-gargle gravelgut vocals, blazin' buzzsaw guitar struttings, a big bad bass rocketing and rumbling like there ain't no end to tomorrow, and stompin', bone-crushin' whirlwind drumming madness! These are the true sounds of wayward unruliness, disorderly decadence, and debauched drunken recklessness... this is the nihilistic soundtrack for a forgotten generation of rebelrousin' ruffians runnin' wild and belligerent in the crumblin' streets of Yourtown, USA... this is punkrock as it is and always should be; all else miserably fails in comparison.

 –guest (Joey Essex)

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