I bought all those Jon Spencer Blues Explosion records in the ‘90s, same as everybody else, and, as with most of my vinyl of that era, the albums quickly wound up transferred to cassettes and were listened to exclusively in my car. Once i got a car that lacked a cassette player, Jon Spencer and his honking squall fell completely off my radar, except for when i bought a 1969 Rock-Ola 440 jukebox ((“Psychedelic” model)) and my JSBX “jukebox series” 45s would sound good on it, which they didn’t. As a result, a decade-and-a-half later, the only JSBX song i can name, sing, or hum is “Bell Bottoms,” which isn’t a terrible batting average, all things considered, but tends to suggest that i appreciate his records more than i actually adore them. Well-played, well-produced, hard-hitting alterna-rootsy-whatever-rock with accents on the 2 and 4 instead of the usual Caucasian stomping grounds of the 1 and 3 sounds pretty good over the P.A. between bands or at a party at someone else’s house; however, i can’t honestly say that this record is gonna have me shaking my flank steak around the living room as i attempt to grow dashing razor stubble on a daily basis. Then again, if you liked “Bell Bottoms,” there’s no real reason you won’t like “Boot Cut,” so obviously Nature has a plan for all of us. BEST SONG: “Danger” BEST SONG TITLE: “Boot Cut,” given the band’s previous jeanly output. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If you peer into the interior of the pocket which houses the CD, you can tell that it’s been printed with a closeup photo of icky meat.

 –norb (Boombox/Mom + Pop)