Mar 05, 2010

The story behind this record is that while Chris Fields was recording the new record by the Bugs (featuring former Queers/JCCC band mate Dave Swain), Chris and Dave used the extra studio time, got together, and recorded Screeching Weasel’s legendary My Brain Hurts (don’t tell anyone, but Wiggle is actually my favorite SW record) as a surprise birthday present for international pop superstar Josh Mosh (of Sunnyside and the Phuzz). Josh Mosh then told Chris that the record was rad and suggested he put it out. Luckily for us, Livid Records agreed with J-Mo’s recommendation and this shit is out on vinyl for your listening pleasure. (And luckily for me, I got to catch them play a couple of these at North Park Awesome Fast this summer. Two times!) Limited to 500 with artwork by Cristy Road, who beautifully did the artwork for Recess’s re-release of My Brain Hurts earlier this year, as well. The songs here retain all of the charm of the originals, plus get a little kick in the pants by the Coug’s leather jacket swagger. Chris’ vocals are gruff and gritty and ripping solos fly throughout the record. Stand-out tracks include “Guest List,” “I Can See Clearly,” “The Science of Myth,” and, of course, “My Brain Hurts.” This comes highly recommended.

 –Jeff Proctor (Livid)